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Testing Services

Every Vista product that is offered for sale is also offered as a service.
Testing services represent a large part of Vista's work.

The HT-100, LT-100, PALS and LRDP are all transportable to client sites. A team of Vista technicians conducts all testing on site, and Vista furnishes the client with a written report documenting the test results.


Testing services can be a more cost-efficient option than purchasing leak detection equipment.

Fast Deployment

Vista can deploy its equipment from either the east coast or the west coast and can have personnel and equipment on site in as little as 2 days depending on distances – in many cases within 24 hours.

Service When You Need It

  • Emergency response to accidental releases
  • Scheduled testing to satisfy regulatory requirements or operational needs
  • One-time test for baseline or other reasons

Quick Test

The time required for testing varies according to site, but in general a leak detection test can be conducted in 1 to 3 hours.

Not Just Leak Detection – Leak Location Too

Detecting the presence of a leak is only half the job. Finding its location often involves extensive digging and significant expense. Vista's PALS technology can locate a leak quickly with an accuracy of several feet. Before employing the PALS Vista first conducts its own leak detection test in order to verify the leak and eliminate false alarms.