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Oil & Gas Solutions

We recommend the following solutions for the commercial oil industry.


LEAK DETECTION in pipelines at bulk fuel facilities &
truck/railcar loading racks

The Vista LT-100 is a self- contained leak detection system for the underground piping typical of truck and railcar loading-rack facilities. It comprises both hardware (a physical apparatus connected to the pipeline) and software (the computer program that runs a test).



LEAK DETECTION in large pipeline systems &
airport hydrant fuel systems 

The award-winning Vista HT-100 leak detection system for underground bulk pipelines and airport hydrant fueling systems combines high performance with ease of use. The HT-100 is the only U.S.-made system that can compensate for thermally induced changes in fuel volume—the most common cause of error in testing for leaks.



Leak Detection and Integrity Monitoring
for Bulk Underground Storage Tanks

The Vista LRDP (Low-Range Differential-Pressure) system is a mass-based leak detection and monitoring system for bulk fuel tanks, including USTs (underground storage tanks) and ASTs (aboveground storage tanks). It quantitatively measures the rate of any leak that might be present, giving the results in gallons per hour.